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Who We Are

MyyUtopia is a location-based socializing platform where you can meet new like-minded people and get to know of relevant groups and activities around you in no time. It doesn't matter where you come from, what your race is, the only thing that matters is the passion that you share.

In our busy lives, we hardly find the time or the drive to go hunting for that sports club we want to be a part of or that reading group we so crave to join. Looking for the perfect outlet and platform for our passions is no mean feat. But we here at MyyUtopia, give you a way to connect with your passions from the comfort of your home with the people who perfectly understand your hobbies and share them too!

Today, we have so many relatives, friends and colleagues but still lack that core group of people near us who pursue the same interests and hobbies as we do. We end up needing multiple social platforms to find a way around this problem. Understanding how inconvenient and demotivating this can get for most people, we created MyyUtopia to provide a single platform where you can find exactly what you love, be it that one person who loves the same things as you do or that gang of buddies who you can bond with over that one passion of yours.

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